By: Kent Armstrong

Should You Renovate Your Home Before You Sell It?

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Should You Renovate Your Home Before You Sell It?

The question is definitely a dilemma. Is renovating before selling really worth it? Before heading to the hardware store to pick up thousands of dollars in paint, renovation tools, a new bathroom faucet, countertops, and other remodelling materials, find out the answers to these questions first. 

What Are Other Nearby Homes Selling For?

When asking yourself, “Should I renovate or sell the house as is?” do a little bit of market research. Check the real estate listings to see what other houses in your neighbourhood are up for sale. Then, see what they’re selling for. Did those houses go through a recent renovation and are move-in ready or is it a home listing that needs a little TLC from the new buyer? By doing this research, you should be able to figure out if a renovation to your house is worth the money, time, and effort based on the property-value of other homes in your community.

Can You Afford To Renovate?

Before you start taking down walls and gutting your bathroom, look at your finances and see if you can even afford to do a renovation. If money is tight, spend a little extra cash on new furniture to give your interior a modern look to increase property value and help potential home-buyers feel more comfortable when considering your place.

Do You Have What It Takes To Do A Remodel By Yourself?

If you’ve decided you’d like to go ahead with a renovation, whether it be to your kitchen only or to the entire house, know when a DIY home remodel is a good idea or whether it might be in your best interest to hire a professional. The last thing you want is to renovate your home with no experience only to make a costly mistake which results in little to no profit off of your home sale. When selling a property, there’s really no room for error, so if you’re unexperienced, it’s a good idea to spend a bit of extra cash to hire a professional.

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